Relocation services support international personnel transfers

Our versatile relocation services, offered with solid professional expertise, support companies with the relocation of employees moving to Finland. Our expert services cover all necessary formalities and also a wide range of other support services related to relocation.

Careful preparation can help achieve a smooth relocation and make the expatriate feel at home in the new country. Expatriation typically entails practical challenges related to adapting to the new environment and culture, and the successful completion of the relocation process is an important factor.

When a relocation consultant is there to support the process, the expatriate can focus on the new job and become a productive full member of the new team very quickly. The expatriate’s family members are also taken into account and their integration into the new environment is supported. Thanks to the relocation service, the employer organization can fully concentrate on the professional support and induction provided for the expatriate, instead of spending time on relocation-related bureaucracy, living arrangements and various practical errands.

The relocation service is always tailored to each customer’s specific needs. Read more about our service packages and request a quotation.

Service packages

Thoughts and feedback on the relocation service

Our company has been very pleased with the relocation service. The experts’ comprehensive professional knowledge of expatriation matters has facilitated our employees’ preparation for the relocation and settling in the new country. In addition, the in-depth training provided by a native of the destination country has improved our employees’ ability to handle various negotiations and other such situations related to our international trade.

Director of a major Finnish company operating internationally


The relocation coaches are committed experts who put their heart and soul into the work. Our employees have repeatedly given excellent feedback on the relocation experts’ training sessions. They compliment the trainers for having a fresh and personal approach and sharing concrete examples based on their own experience.

Director of a company doing business internationally


Our company uses a lot of ReLocation’s and Sinkkonen Consulting’s services, both for expatriation and local agreements. Those involved have given excellent feedback on the service, both by ReLocation and Sinkkonen Consulting. These services bring great added value to our company: outsourcing relocation and cultural coaching to Sinkkonen Consulting allows us to focus our efforts on our business.

International stock exchange-listed company


The ReLocation consultant, Reeta, helped us arrange many aspects of our family relocation to Finland. She paid particular attention to understanding our family’s specific needs and priorities. She navigated the cultural differences with us as a family, providing valuable tools to adapt to our new location successfully. Thanks to her connection network, we found the best neighborhood, residence, and schools for our needs. Still, months after the relocation, Reeta has always been available for questions regarding the healthcare system, personal documentation, or even establishing personal connections with other families and people sharing similar interests.

Expat family that moved from the USA to Finland

The relocation service is friendly, and the client’s needs are well attended to. The practical arrangements are nicely flexible. Furthermore, the experts seem to keep their professional competence well up to date.

Director of a major Finnish company operating internationally


Thank you for your time, guidance, and expertise. We appreciate your efforts and flexibility in such an exceptional time.

A Russian family that moved to Finland


We could see the expert’s genuine passion for helping others in understanding the nuances of what is needed when you are emigrating to a different country. She provides a very detailed understanding of all the aspects involved, including examples, which makes it easier to follow the process. She has excellent communication skills that make it easier to understand as well.

A couple from India


We have been using ReLocation’s services for all our expatriate employees and their families for several years. ReLocation and Sinkkonen Consulting provide a high-quality service. Regardless of the country of departure and destination, our expatriates have unanimously complimented the service. Sinkkonen Consulting does not compromise on the quality of training, and they use local experts who have excellent knowledge of the destination country. As an employer company, we have been extremely satisfied with the competent approach of ReLocation and Sinkkonen Consulting. Their services and trainings are always up to date.

International stock exchange-listed company


I have used the services of Reeta and her team for international assignments and cultural awareness training for several years. She does a tremendously good job with high professionalism, engagement and devotion. She is always looking for the greater good, without ever compromising the integrity of the individuals.

Director of an international listed company