Aspects to consider

Relocation to another country involves a lot of steps and aspects you might not think about. Even when moving from one EU member state to another, there are certain processes to go through. Every step in the process involves the risk of making mistakes, causing unnecessary trouble, or even unexpected, unpleasant consequences.

What must you remember to take into consideration? What is your emigration status? Which permits does it require? Where do you pay your taxes? Can you completely forget about your home country’s tax authorities when living abroad? What is the proper order of doing things? Should you use your working hours on your actual work tasks or on running practical errands and accumulating stress over them? Have you done everything? Have you done everything right?

The relocation process takes several months. However, it does not need to consume the time and resources of the employee or employer, as you can take an expert onboard to assist you. Surely, getting all mandatory practical things done as soon and as well as possible is in everyone’s best interest. This way, the employee can get off to a good start in the new environment, settle in, and have all routines rolling flawlessly from the very beginning. We can also assist our clients with global relocation through our extensive cooperation network. We can take care of the entire relocation process either in cooperation with the company or fully on behalf of the company. The process is always tailored to the specific case, the needs of the company and employee, and the destination country.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to jointly determine what the relocation process involves in your particular case!