Solid expertise to support successful relocation

Successful relocation does not just happen – it is the outcome of a process that requires special competence. The clear definition of roles and tasks, especially those of the expatriate, the employer company, and the external consultant, lies at the core of a smooth process.

We offer relocation services with solid expertise and help companies with the practical settling-in services. Our relocation services help expatriates adapt to the new country and society. The owner of the company, Reeta Sinkkonen, has 20 years of experience in the provision of relocation-related services and coaching for expatriates.

Her personal experience of international life spans three decades of living abroad and moving from one country to another. This is a solid basis for our company’s expertise.

In addition, we work in close cooperation with the professional experts in our extensive international network.

Reeta Sinkkonen has also written a book on relocation: “Onnistu ulkomaankomennuksissa” (in Finnish only), WSOY 2009.

Our agile relocation services are always tailored to the customer’s needs. We respond to contacts quickly and always serve our customers within 24 hours.

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