Relocation services provide extensive support for the expatriate

Our expert relocation services cover all necessary formalities and also a wide range of other support services related to relocation. The service is always tailored to each customer’s specific needs.

We handle all required licensing and registration matters in the proper order and on time. Upon agreement, we can also assist with other errands, such as banking, taxes, and social security matters arranged with Kela.

We help the expatriate find an apartment and assist with practical matters related to housing and moving in. We also support the expatriate’s family by looking for schools and daycare facilities, for example. If needed, we can even coordinate the actual moving process, help select a removal company, etc.

In addition to the necessary formalities, we also offer services to support the smooth settling in of the expatriate and their family. We can scout for hobby opportunities, familiarize them with their new living environment, advise with daily errands, and even give advice to help the expatriate’s spouse find work.

Read more about our different service packages below and contact us to agree on a relocation service tailored to your needs.

Coaching courses on adapting to Finnish society

We coach expatriates and their family members in matters related to Finnish society, such as the Finnish way of life, values, communication style, and work culture. We provide them with tools that help them feel at home in Finland, and also encourage them to do independent research and learn about Finnish life. We offer tips on how they can personally influence the settling-in process and take responsibility for adapting to the new country and its customs. Read more about our coaching at

Service packages tailored to customer needs


The comprehensive Premium service package includes all essential steps required for the necessary licences and other immigration formalities, as well as a wide range of support services. This service package aims at a smooth and effortless relocation to Finland for the expatriate’s entire family, Our relocation consultant steers and coordinates the process and also participates in all meetings with authorities. This way, the Premium service minimizes the expatriate’s need to spend time on relocation-related issues. The service is flexibly adjusted to their personal needs and wishes concerning the relocation. In addition to practical matters, the Premium package can also include extended services and contacts with the relocation consultant even after settling in.

The support services that can be covered by the Premium service package include finding a temporary or permanent apartment, and looking for schools and daycare facilities and arranging introductory visits in them. We can also survey hobby opportunities, guide in the use of public transport, and instruct with various daily errands, such as shopping for groceries and exploring various product offerings. If needed, we can even help with some necessary purchases, such as household appliances or winter clothes. In general, we familiarize the expatriates with Finnish society. In addition to the above-described services, the Premium package can be flexibly supplemented according to the customer’s needs.

The service is always tailored to each customer’s specific needs. The price depends on the services included. Contact us and request a quotation.


The Standard package enables the efficient and systematic completion of immigration-related matters in a manner that doesn’t require any effort from the expatriate or the employer company. With this service package, our relocation consultant assists the expatriate with the required authority contacts and other formalities, such as taxes and banking. We can also help the expatriate with finding an apartment, arranging leisure time activities, and getting acquainted with Finnish society. We also offer information and helpful tips on everyday errands.

The service is always tailored to each customer’s specific needs. The price depends on the services included. Contact us and request a quotation.


The Support service includes a concise info package covering the essential steps of immigration. This information is provided to the expatriate in a remote meeting. Our relocation consultant instructs the expatriate on completing the required formalities and other necessary steps, and also coordinates the required appointments. The expatriate must handle all of the tasks independently, but the relocation consultant is available to help over the phone, during a meeting with an authority, for example.

Our agile relocation services are always tailored to the customer’s needs. We respond to contacts quickly and always serve our customers within 24 hours.